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James King 

Subjects: All subjects K-6, Physics 7-12, Chemistry 7-10, Music 7-10, All levels of Mathematics.

Hi, my name is James and I am in the third year of my double bachelor degree in statistics and science majoring in mathematics. I graduated from Hawker College in 2012 where I majored in physics, chemistry and mathematics.

I decided to get into tutoring because I enjoy helping others learn. I have dedicated a lot of time helping peers struggling with understanding their subjects in the past and I enjoy seeing the moment when everything clicks for them.

Every student is different and one of my favorite things about tutoring is working with the student to find the best way to approach a problem. In my opinion helping someone look at a problem in a different light and helping them understand it is one the highlights of being a tutor.

I look forward to working with you.

Adnin Zahid

Subjects: K-6 all subjects. 7-10 Mathematics, Science, English, SOSE. 11-12 English, essay and report writing, beginning to advanced Mathematics, Chemistry, Business, Economics and Accounting.    

Hi my name is Adnin and I am currently in my 2nd year of studying a double degree in Actuarial Studies and Commerce at The ANU. I graduated from Narrabundah College with a 95+ ATAR majoring in double mathematics , chemistry and commerce.
I have always loved learning new concept and broadening my horizons and I decided to become a student tutor to help other students in their amazing learning journey.
I believe with I can use my range of  subject expertise and life experiences would allow me to be a passionate  tutor that can guide, mentor and tutor other students so they can reaching their full potential in both their academic and personal goals. Tutoring has provided me with a very rewarding and satisfying experience allowing me to see the progression of each individual student from beginning to start of their future successes.

Frances Lafferty

Subjects: Primary, 7-12 Maths, English, Chemistry, History

Hello, my name is Frances Lafferty and I am a first year Bachelor of Nursing student at University of Canberra. I graduated from Narrabundah College in 2015 with great results, including a Distinction in the ANU Secondary College's Chemistry course. Throughout my schooling, I have studied a range of facilities; from Ancient History to Specialist Maths. This diversity has helped me develop many study skills that can be applied to help students of all backgrounds and ages. However, my goal is not simply to help teach, it is to help students to know how to learn so that they may be able to move on with their studies without my help and, hopefully, enjoy their time at school. I hope that the techniques that I have developed to study effectively can also be beneficial to those whom I tutor. I look forward to working with you.

Adeline Tinessia 

Subjects: primary: all subjects; years 7-10 English, Maths, science, history/social studies; Year 11 Mathematics Methods; Years 11 & 12 English, history & social studies. 
Hi, my name is Addy and I am currently studying a Bachelor of International Security in ANU. I graduated from Narrabundah College in 2016 with an ATAR of 95.25. I understand from my own journey that achieving a high ATAR is a lot of work and thus I believe that I can guide my students with the tricks that have worked for me during high school. 

I have had experience in tutoring for Bahasa Indonesia. While I primarily do social studies contents in university, I am well experienced in a range of subjects in high school including English, Mathematics, and Sciences. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with the students.

Sanduni Gunawardena

Subjects: Primary subjects; years 7-12: English, Maths, Social Science, Business studies, Commerce, IT. All levels: Humanities, Business Studies, General English, Sociology, History, Economics and Business Management subjects

My name is Sanduni, Currently pursuing my PhD at University of New South Wales, Canberra campus. I obtained my first degree in Business Management from University of Wales (UK) and I pursued Masters in Business Administration in 2015. I am a University Lecturer by profession and I am passionate in teaching, helping students with their school work and assignments as well.  I am committed in providing students with a good education which will prepare them not only for the world of work but also adult life. In my view this is best done by training pupils to have high expectations of themselves and others, within an environment which allows all learners to develop mutual courtesy for each other and a respect for learning.

Harriet Wilson

SubjectsPrimary Math, Primary English, Primary Science, Year 7-10 English, Year 7-10 Maths, Year 7-10 Science/HSIE, Year 11-12 Standard English, Year 11-12 Advanced English, Year 11-12 General Maths, Year 11-12 Economics, Year 11-12 Legal Studies

Hi, my name is Harriet Wilson! I am 19 years old, originally from Brisbane and moved to Canberra in 2016 to study a Bachelor of Laws & Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy & Economics at the ANU. I completed Year 12 at Somerville House in Brisbane, where I studied English, Mathematics, Geography, Drama, Economics & Legal Studies.

I decided to begin tutoring because I enjoy sharing the techniques, hints and tricks I have acquired over my years of study, with other students. There is a fantastic feeling of accomplishment that accompanies the moment where everything ‘clicks’ for a student I have been working with.

I love the opportunity to meet and get to know new people and find out how they can be best equipped to succeed in their studies!

I look forward to working with you.

Jeyanthan Rasalinkem

Subjects: Primary Maths, Primary Science, Year 7-10 English, Year 7-10 Maths, Year 7-10 Science/HSIE, Year 11-12 General Maths, Year 11-12 Advanced Maths, Year 11-12 Extension Maths, Year 11-12 Chemistry & Year 11-12 Physics

Hi, my name is Jeyanthan and I am in the first year of my Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics degree at the ANU. I graduated from Canberra College in 2016 with an ATAR of 98.75 and majors in double maths, physics and chemistry. I have also been awarded the ADF Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork award, and have held executive positions in school volunteering clubs.

I have always enjoyed helping others learn what I once dedicated a lot of effort towards. Education has the potential to be an amazing journey but also one that can easily cause despair, I decided to become a student tutor to help and guide students on this dangerous but epic journey. I have developed techniques and studied philosophies which can give one a fulfilling and successful academic life.

I believe with my life experience, philosophical expertise, and academic ability, I can bring out the full potential in the student both academically and in life.

Tutoring is a satisfying experience which gives me the valuable opportunity to observe and contribute to the development of students and their future. 

I look forward to working with you.


Ellie Bishop

Subjects:  K-12 French (Continuers/Beginners/Advanced); K-10 English; K-12 Math (General/Advanced); 11-12 Legal Studies 

Hi, my name is Ellie.  I am friendly, encouraging and cheerful.  I come from northern NSW but am currently living in Canberra and enjoying my 2nd year at the ANU, studying a Bachelor of International Relations with a minor in French.  In 2018, I will be an academic mentor in my ANU residence.  I completed my HSC in 2015 with strong results across all subject areas.

In 2016, I was part of the Student Tutor Network team in Coffs Harbour, NSW.  I thoroughly enjoyed helping students achieve their very best.  It is extremely rewarding to see how proud students are when they improve in their studies.  My priorities are identifying individual student needs and areas needing strengthening. 

Being a university student, I understand the importance of having great study techniques.  As a tutor, I aim to help my students find what works for them, so they can work to their full potential.  Alongside helping my students with subject content, it can be important to work on improving study skills and strategies.  I aim to help students become more independent and confident learners.  

Caitlin Strangward

SubjectsPrimary Subjects, Year 7-10 English, Year 7-10 Science/HSIE, Year 11-12 Standard English, Year 11-12 Advanced English, Year 11-12 Business Studies, Year 11-12 Legal Studies, Year 11-12 Ancient History & Year 11-12 Modern History

Hi! My name is Caitlin and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Criminology and International Security Studies at ANU. I graduated from Canberra College in 2017, finishing with a Double Major in History, and Majors in English and Psychology. 

School can be difficult for a variety of reasons, and I will work alongside students’ in finding suitable strategies to overcome challenges and progress in their academic careers. I am dedicated to helping students’ understand a full range of concepts and principles within their academic disciplines, and ensure that they get the most out of their experience with the Student Tutor Network.  

Education is the most valuable thing one can have, and I am grateful for the opportunity to assist students’ in achieving their academic goals. I look forward to working with you!

Aditi Chandra 

Subjects: All Primary Subjects, Year 7-10 Subjects, Senior Chemistry, Biology and Advanced Mathematics 

Hi! My name is Aditi and I have just completed my IB Diploma at Canberra Girls Grammar School in 2017. I am currently taking a gap year, where I hope to gain some work experience and hopefully travel through Europe in the latter part of the year. At school I really enjoyed Chemistry, Maths and Biology and so am planning to do Biomedical Engineering in UNSW next year.  

Throughout high school I tutored many younger students in a range of subjects and am excited I get to continue doing this now that I have graduated. During year 11 and 12 I definitely faced many struggles in trying to learn and understand the course content, however this has enabled me to find new ways of learning and I am always eager to share my tips and tricks with others. 

Tegan Clark

Subjects: All Primary Subjects, All Year 7-10 Subjects, All levels of Senior Mathematics, Advanced English, Physics & Chemistry 

Hello! My name is Tegan and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) (Honours) at the Australian National University. I finished Grade 12 in Cairns in 2017 and received an OP2 (which correlates to an atar of around 98.0-98.5). I was awarded Senior Dux for achieving the highest or second to highest grades in all of my classes, plus various subject awards and gold awards for both English and Maths.

My achievements stemmed from my love for learning and studying and is also the reason why I wanted to become a tutor. I want to be able to motivate and inspire other students to take a more proactive approach to their studies and to love learning as much as I do! During high school, I was always approached by fellow students for help with their studies and I always felt joy and satisfaction from being able to help them and was inspired to one day become a tutor. 

My main aim as a tutor is to make a friendly, approachable and accepting environment for all my students so they can gain a love for learning and to give them confidence in their learning abilities. I am aware that each person learns differently and believe I can individualise my lessons for each student so they can learn more effectively and get more enjoyment out of learning.